Demands and Stressors

Surviving college is a challenge in itself. There’s so much to balance like exams, deadlines, academic requirements, assignments, a social life, meaningful relationships, and personal time, that sometimes it can all feel overwhelming and never ending. It’s no wonder that in 2019 that…

  • 87% of college students felt overwhelmed by all they had to do
  • 66% felt overwhelming anxiety
  • 56% felt things were hopeless

And to make matters worse, college students are living through the unprecedented time of COVID and virtual education. Now that is just unfair! So you can imagine how difficult it must be to be a college student with those challenges and then struggle with the emotional, physical, and cognitive symptoms that result from it. Sometimes just simply speaking to a professional therapist can bring about clarity, direction, security, and life balance and decrease feelings of depression and anxiousness. Your mental health matters and when that is well managed, your life is better managed and you can focus on being a healthier and more successful you.

Give Evans Counseling & Consulting a try. We are experienced in helping students in the following areas:

Adjustment difficulties

Stress and anxiety

Organization and time management issues


Lonlieness and feeling homesick

Social problems

Family expectations

Inner security, confidence, & self-esteem issues

Relationship difficulties

Trauma- past and present

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