Trauma and Mental Health

Many people involved in a motor vehicle accident and personal injury suffer from psychological trauma. Less attention is given to the effects of the accident on their emotional distress and mental health, interruptions in their daily life, and the struggles that is faced in dealing with physical injuries. Some victims may be diagnosed with a mental condition that developed as a direct result of the accident. Evans Counseling & Consulting can help you or your client get the treatment and compensation deserved following a traumatic accident.

In the days and weeks following a car wreck, many victims experience a rollercoaster of emotions: shock, disbelief, anger, worry, fear, sadness, confusion. These feelings should subside and get easier to manage over time, but sometimes they don’t. Two of the most common conditions immediately proceeding a traumatic event is: 

1. Acute Stress Disorder

2. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; also know as PTSD 

Clinical Depression, Anxiety, and Phobia are close behind. We specialize in conducting Comprehensive Post-Accident Psychological Evaluations which include a pre-accident history, post-accident assessment, current symptoms, treatment implications, prognosis, and short-term psychotherapy. Addressing mental health challenges after an accident isn’t just a matter of improving your mood. In fact, it’s an important component of the physical recovery process.

We’re experienced in working with attorneys and liens, so you can focus on your recovery instead of how to afford treatment in your time of need. Services are provided in-office, through teletherapy, or by video conferencing serving South Carolina and North Carolina statewide. Contact us now to get started!

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