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Couples Counseling

You never expected your marriage or relationship would turn out this way. Trust issues, the trauma of betrayal… It’s almost as if you’re dating or married to someone different. No one is sleeping, one of you is under a microscope while the other is a private detective. At the same time, fights have become unproductive; filled with accusations and denials. You’ve invested years into this relationship, and now the thought that this could be the end feels terrifying. Should you stay or call it quits? Neither option looks attractive. The pain is unbearable and you just want it to stop. The infidelity in your marriage or relationship has created a true emergency.

  • The failure rate for first time marriages is 50%  
  • For second time marriages 67%
  • For third time marriage 74% 

Couples counseling can help increase the odds. We can help you uncover the unconscious drives that influence unhelpful behaviors and teach you effective ways to communicate, create meaningful connections with your partner, understand and heal betrayals, and rebuild trust and a better relationship.

Each session is formatted to address specific topics that are often not addressed, thought of, or challenging to initiate. Sessions are open to any and all relationships that want change- heterosexual, LGBTQ, and more.

I understand the struggle and pain that result from infidelity. The embarrassment and fear of talking to anyone about it. But you don’t need to do it alone. Let us support and guide you through the healing process. Many couples recover, using this turning point to build a new, healthy, and connected relationship.

If you are looking for a non-judgmental experience where you can dig into your truth, mine for a deeper understanding of what is working and what is not working in your life, and develop new pathways to create the relationship (and life) you desire, we are eager to get started with you.


*Couples/Marriage counseling is not covered by insurance and is self-pay only.



Imagine If...

Imagine that you and your partner could have better communication, increased intimacy, and more overall satisfaction.

Before Couples/Marriage Counseling

After Couples/Marriage Counseling