Dr. Chayah Stoneberg

Licensed Master Social Worker

Get To Know Me...

“We are all on this journey of healing and discovery. It is my honor to be asked to join you in the life-changing therapeutic process whereby we will gain insight and awareness through our time spent together, learning ever more deeply about the nature of our shared humanity. Specifically, our goal is to uncover and create the path by which you are able to step into your best life when empowered by self-knowledge.” – Dr. Chayah Stoneberg

Dr. Chanyah Stoneberg specializes in Arts and Humanities Based Interventions for treatment and management of stress-related conditions in adults and adolescents, to include grief, loss, mourning, and the challenges of adjusting to inevitable changes that time demands of us all. Treating body dysmorphic issues, disordered eating, LGBTQ+ community health needs. She earned her PhD/MSW from the University of South Carolina (2013), Masters in Psychology from New York University (2005), and Masters of Arts from the University of California (2003). She welcomes you to join her in the acquisition of new skills that improve quality of life: increase intimacy, resolve conflicts, and engage in relationships with greater confidence and ease.”  

My Hobbies

...because we're human just like you

As cliché as it may sound, Dr. Chayah geninuingly  enjoys watching the sunrise and sunset as often as possible. She delights in listening to good music and dancing with friends and family frequently. If there’s a beat… she is there! She embraces the magic of sleeping in on Sunday mornings, preferably after a Saturday night of laughing so hard that her ribs ache.